Archidply - Best Plywood & Laminate Brand In India

With innovation as their most important asset, Archidply Industries Ltd., one of the leading Plywood companies in India, has emerged as a winner in all its endeavours since its inception in 1976. As the world moves towards a more enlightened consumer, with decorative trends as its Vanguard, the brand has come at par with the ever-changing nuances. Walking hand-in-hand with the advanced times, Archidply has been procuring high-quality raw materials and employing world-class technology and resources to bring the much-needed revolution in the Plywood manufacturing process, ensuring premier products to its valued customers. With a 15 acre wide manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand, contract manufacturing in Assam and Kerala, Archidply manufactures top quality Plywood, enabling customers to choose from a plethora of options. From strategically located warehouses, hundreds of happy employees, numerous sales offices to a strong dealer network across all states of India, the company has won several laurels to its name.Read More

Archidply Industries Ltd. boasts of its production capacity which is close to millions alongside prominent listings in the stock exchange. Being SAP/ERP enabled, the brand ensures transparency and unambiguousness in all its operations. With two major product categories – Plywood and Laminates – being produced in the same facility, Archidply provides their customers with ample choices to help them attain the desired look. Comprising of Laminates, Exterior Grade Clads and Compacts; Archidlam - Archidply’s Laminate segment has been transforming every living space. It has 10 specialized laminate products with whopping 1000 designs and 50 textures, all coming in various sizes. While Xterno-Exterior Grade Clads is known for its moisture and UV resistance qualities, Monarchlam gives your interiors the much- needed aesthetic value.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has all the more necessitated extra layers of protection around us. Use anti bacterial laminates by Archidlam for hygienic decorative solutions. Be it your home, public places such as restaurants or public transport, choosing the best anti bacterial layer is an essential step in fighting the virus!

With its excellent product portfolio of Plywood sheets, Doors, and Densified Film-Faced Plywood, Archidply caters to a wide range of customers, allowing them to choose the best products as per their requirements. Giving India its first-ever toxin check technology Plywood, Archidply enjoys a wide customer base both in India and abroad. Read Less

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