Archidlam Surfaces - Education

While most educational institutions are designed in dull colours and shades of brown and grey, Archidlam’s High Pressure Laminates have a wide variety of colours to choose from which make the school/college environment cheerful and lively.


    Antibacterial Laminates which retard 99% germs are the safest bet for students. These are easy to clean and maintain and are mould resistant too. For the White Boards and Chalk Boards, used in class rooms, Archidlam offers Marker Board/ Chalk Board Laminate.

    Archidlam ChalkBoard Laminate is a special surface which enables us to easily erase the chalk marks. The surface colour of the laminate ensures perfect continuity and facilitates easy reading of words written on it.



    Marker Board Laminates are also used in schools and colleges which require durable white boards that can easily be cleaned. Archidlam’s Marker Board laminates are built with a special type of polymer which imparts durability to the surface with easy cleaning of dry erase markers and wet erase markers. They are low maintenance and turn spotless in a single wipe with no ghost effect.



    Archidlam offers Unicore Compact Laminate. It is a non toxic laminate resistant to chemicals. It is mould resistant and comes in spectacular colours. These can be applied to both horizontal and vertical applications where the surface should be functional, durable and also decorative.