Archidlam Surfaces - Residence

To safeguard your home from the deadly viruses and diseases, it is best to use Archidlam Anti Bacterial Laminates. A special biocidal and biostatic additive is used on the decorative layer of the laminate using cutting-edge germ resistant technology.
Termite Resistant
Termite Resistant
Water Resistant
Fire Retardant
Fire Resistant


    Thanks to the anti bacterial protection, Archidlam brings you hygienic decorative solutions. Needless to say this biocidal and biostatic additive does not influence the technical and aesthetic performance of our laminate.

    It is safe to use with the children and the elderly.


    Living Room

    The Living Room generally has access to a lot of visitors. Hence this space is most vulnerable to all kids of viruses and bacteria. Archidlam Antibacterial Laminates use cutting edge, germ resistant technology along with unmatched aesthetics. It is the ideal choice for drawing rooms, a perfect balance of beauty and functionality.



    Kitchens are places which require utmost cleanliness and hygiene. Archidlam’s countertops are made of Antibacterial/Anti fingerprint surfaces. This laminate is scratch resistant, smug and smear free. It is mould resistant, chemical resistant and maintenance free. Archidlam makes your kitchen surface look lustrous, pristine and always new.



    These spaces need products which can withstand moisture and should be bacteria and mould resistant at the same time. Decorative laminates which are treated with a special additive retard the growth of 99% of germs.


    Exterior Facade

    With Archidlam’s Extern, you can give your exteriors a brand new makeover. It is possible to beautify the facade of your building in a wide variety of ways from exciting wood, stone, or metal patterns and vibrant uni-colours.

    Being water resistant and UV resistant, these stylish laminates are strong and durable too!