Archidlam Surfaces - Commercial

For Corporate offices, it is important to strike a balance between beauty and functionality. An office should be designed in such a way that it generates positive energy so that the people can give their optimum performance. Well segregated cubicles and cabins, neat and tidy shelves, clean table tops are a must for a healthy business environment. Archidlam offers a variety of laminates that meet the above criteria.


    Archidlam Unicore Laminates are perfect for retail and commercial spaces and customised furniture as they guarantee that while your interiors look sharp, the edges between the laminates are smooth.

    Now get rid of dark edges and get a uniform seamless finish.



    Conference Tables and Executive Rooms are places where hard core brainstorming takes place. Constantly buzzing with activity, such spaces require durable, rough and tough surfaces.

    Archidlam Anti Finger Print Laminates are ideal for conference tables as they are scratch resistant and maintenance free. They have a matt finish and when exposed to light do not reflect it. In effect they always look new.