Woodgrain, Stone and Matte: Check out these Modern Laminate Looks

April 14, 2020
Modern laminates are empowering buyers to experiment with a range of new options, designs and looks. These laminates are highly flexible in their implementation, allowing homes, offices and commercial zones to emerge in a much more fashionable & trendier manner.
Leading brands in India offer a wide range so that buyers can leverage the versatility of modern laminates. Several designers are also working with highly functional offerings, such as a marker board laminate for office spaces, commercial zones, training centres, etc.
With woodgrain, stone & matte being the most popular laminate looks, buyers are clamouring for these finishes to be implemented across their countertops, walls, and interior furnishings. They offer the appearance of actual stones, while being hassle-free to install and maintain, and are highly cost-effective.
Where to use woodgrain
Woodgrain laminate offers that “house on the hills” feeling to residential spaces, through its wide range in colours, textures and patterns. It’s the quintessential modern laminate look, as it forms the ideal backdrop to a range of home styles & furnishings. It’s a superior finish that can also replicate a range of modern designs and looks. That’s why it’s extensively used for modern countertops, cabinets, tables, and cupboards. The versatility of woodgrain also allows homeowners to try more nuanced looks that help distinguish their space. The laminate is also the perfect option to go for when enhancing outdoor spaces. Exterior walls and furniture can be instantly uplifted with a well-finished woodgrain look.
Stone for an earthy feel
The stone finish look offers an earthier feel, which can be implemented in commercial zones, residential places, and dedicated areas within offices. They’re cost effective, when compared to real stones, and are hassle-free to install and maintain. The best part about stone laminates is that they can be easily used in walls, interiors, and exteriors as well. They’re some of the most versatile laminates in the market that maintain their appearance in the long-term. Interior decorators can leverage a stone finish laminate, with a wide range of interior furnishings and aesthetics. The top manufacturers, including Archidply, offer an extensive range of stone-finish laminates owing to their popularity in Indian markets. From yoga spaces to spas & play centres, the commercial applications of stone-finish laminates are also multi-fold.
Matte finishes for a sophisticated aesthetic
The matte finish is a classic & sophisticated aesthetic that residents can leverage in their bedrooms, while also using the laminate in their living spaces. The finish has a distinct sheen to it, giving it an elegant look that’s prestigious and timeless. For homes that are truly modern and above all others, the matte finish is the perfect option to go ahead with. Office spaces are also increasingly leveraging the matte finish look, by implementing options across furnishings, walls, interiors and conference rooms. Hotels and industrial parks are also enhancing specific areas, lobbies, or dedicated suites with the strategic utilization of matte finish laminates.

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