Laminated Plywood: A Complete Overview

May 18, 2020
Lamination is a process in which a number of sheets are permanently bonded together with the help of hard pressing machines and adhesives. Plywood that has been enhanced aesthetically by adding decorative laminate sheets is known as laminated plywood. Plywood is prepared by placing pieces of wood over one another which are bonded together using the lamination process. Decorative laminated sheets, also known as laminates are placed atop plywood to form protective and elegant decorative surfaces. The slices of wood, also known as veneers used in the preparation of laminated plywood are obtained from timber logs and manufactured using a rotary-cutting process. Each individual wood layer is known as ply. Strong adhesives such as Urea-formaldehyde and Phenol formaldehyde are used for the bonding purpose before the stacks are passed through hot-pressing machines and laminated. The final product is sanded and given finishing touches before it is shipped to different distributors and dealers.
Many customers customize their laminated plywood furniture by seeking a carpenter’s help and buying plywood and decorative laminate sheets separately. The decision is often made based on the correct quality, sheet size, grade of plywood and the thickness. From marine plywood to other varieties, customers have a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few terms that you must understand before venturing out to buy plywood- Thicker = Stronger Softwood = weaker 100% hardwood = even more stronger Heavier = Stronger Light-weight = weaker Hardwood = stronger Deciding on the laminate surface depends on the customer’s preferences. The decorative laminate market also offers a wide range of products for the customer to choose from. One thing to keep in mind while making a choice is that the thicker the laminate is the stronger and better it will be. Additionally, scratch resistance and waterproof features are highly desired in laminates. High-pressure decorative laminates are prepared using paper and plastic. It’s up to the carpenter how skillfully he utilizes both the materials to manufacture beautiful furniture.
Prelaminated Plywood Sheets:
A lot of time, cost and effort that goes into manually gluing laminates over plywood can be prevented by using prelaminated plywood sheets. However, you won’t have as much choice as you get in decorative laminates when you go for prelaminated plywood sheets. What customers must also understand is that there’s a difference between prelaminated particle boards and laminated plywood. Most of the trendy ready-made furniture is made from pre-laminated particle boards or prelaminated MDF( Medium-density fibreboards) and not from laminated plywood. Not only is such furniture of poor quality and strength but also has a short life. So, if you prefer furniture that lasts a lifetime, go for laminated plywood or laminates and plywood instead. Archiply, one of the top laminates companies in India, offers superior quality products suiting every taste and preference.

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