Importance of Anti-Bacterial Laminate

March 27, 2020
Consumers across the country are buying innovative laminate options, giving their spaces aesthetic and functional enhancements. Anti-bacterial laminate is an important upgrade to modern spaces that allows for efficient cleaning and a more sterile living environment. Whether they’re installed in the office or at home, anti-bacterial options are the safest laminates that buyers can opt for without compromising on aesthetics.
With the Coronavirus making its appearance across the globe, we know that 80% bacteria and viruses are transmitted by contact with hands and contaminated surfaces. By using cutting edge germ resistant technology, ARCHIDLAM Anti Bacterial Laminates gives 99% antibacterial protection and retards the growth of germs. Infection risk is not only restricted to hospital environments. Hygiene is a major concern in all public places such as Hotels, Transport, Educational facilities, homes, toilets etc. It is important to put this laminate in kids’ rooms, pre-schools, schools, and nurseries as its anti-bacterial protection is critically important for children as their immunity is low.
Reduces spreading of germs
In the office space, it’s essential to have your employees performing at peak productivity. It’s critical to protect them from germs that may fester in older laminates installed across walls, counters, and conference rooms. That’s why the best quality anti bacterial laminate, such as the ones offered by Archidply, is essential to eliminating the spread of germs. These anti-bacterial options are designed with a special bacterio-static and biocidal additive, that doesn’t allow germs to multiply under the surface.
Keeps air quality clean
Anti-bacterial options are especially impactful in the kitchen, living and bedroom areas. This is because they don’t allow bacteria to settle on the laminate, which could then disseminate via the cooling or heating systems in the house. Residents living in metro city areas can come home to a sanitized and germ-free environment, in order to sustain their respiratory health. The air quality is also not compromised when there are temperature or humidity fluctuations, which may have traditionally promoted germ development.
Uplifts aesthetic appeal
Mould and mildew can start to form on the laminate, if it hasn’t been coated with an anti-bacterial additive. Bacteria may form in weak spots within the laminate, if it has been acquired from a generic alternative. By opting for only high-quality anti-bacteria laminates, buyers can ensure that they’re extending the lifespan of their installations by years. The colours and textures don’t fade away, and there are no corner spots where fungus can start to grow.
Critical in commercial settings
Anti-bacterial laminates are important in high-footfall areas such as gyms, restaurants, hospitals and public utilities. These are highly visited zones that require consistent maintenance to avoid germ infestation or spreading. Additionally, commercial areas are prone to constant contamination via touching, which is why it’s essential to opt for anti-bacterial products. This ensures that hygiene is never an issue when leveraging the best laminates for your commercial space.
Ensures durability
As dangerous microbes can’t enter the laminate freely, it extends the lifespan of the product. There is lesser load on regular maintenance cycles, while the laminate is easier to clean across commercial, industrial and residential settings. The increased durability of the laminate also allows buyers to experiment with different colours, textures and designs. These laminates can be easily installed in any area of the space, while ensuring longevity and durability.

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