Mr. Rajiv Daga

After receiving bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an Economics degree from Purdue University in the United States , Mr. Rajiv Daga gained experience in Supply Chain Management consultancy at a Software firm Manhattan Associates based out of Atlanta. After a stint of 3 years, he decided to return back to India to join Archidply Industries Ltd in the year 2003. His first responsibilities included the management of Factory operations at the company’s Karnataka facility which he managed successfully for 7 years. Subsequently he was given the responsibility to look after the company’s latest facility at Uttaranchal as Business Head under the capacity of Joint Managing Director. He was instrumental in doubling the capacity of Rudrapur unit within a time span of 3 years and achieved 100% capacity utilization. Today the facility is the largest facility of the company. He has successfully implemented SAP ERP and also instrumental in getting the “Power Brand” award in the year 2017 for Archidply. Over the last 5 years he has successfully developed the Laminate Export Business in 20 countries. In year 2018 he was appointed as Managing Director of the company and bears the responsibility to take the company forward.

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