Eco Friendly

  • Building a business and establishing it in a competitive market successfully is a laborious task! But creating the eco-friendly products and manufacturing them is what’s more cumbersome. Countless businesses have emerged in the past few years with a set of product manufacturing factories. And nearly 89% of all are not aware of the fact that the harmful emissions and by-products resulting from the manufacturing units degrade the healthy environment and atmosphere.
  • That’s not the case with us! At Archidply, we keep a complete track on our manufacturing units and products designed to make sure that it doesn’t degrade the natural resources and atmosphere. The process of wood formation and plywood manufacturing involves formaldehyde which is responsible for dangerous emissions. We manufacture plywood and laminate which has low formaldehyde emission, thereby making it a completely safe and healthy product. Therefore, we devise an effective plan of actions to manage such challenges in sustainable development. And this plan is followed at all our manufacturing units for developing the eco-friendly products, making Archidply the 1st company in India to bring Eco-friendly products and give a healthy environment to its customers.
  • All the technologies, systems, procedures and other business practices are done keeping the security and sustainable development of our environment.