Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Being a rapid growing manufacturing industry in the plywood marketplace, Archidply bears the responsibility of contributing to the reformation and development of the underprivileged strata of society. We as a team at Archidply have worked in the education sector of the underdeveloped villages in Uttarakhand, Karnataka, and Kolkata. From the past three consecutive years, we are supporting the wood-based infrastructure in the village schools and institutes so that the needy children are provided with a clean and well-developed environment to study and advance their knowledge & academic career.

A Series of Initiatives Taken By Archidply

  • Underprivileged can achieve excellence in knowledge and brilliance in its application if given opportunities. And ours is the first step towards educating the future of India!

Long Term Association with ‘Freedom Through Education’ (Financial Year 2015)

  • Freedom Through Education is a long-term national project taken up by Round Table India Trust which works to reduce the illiteracy rate in India by developing better schools and institutes in the underdeveloped parts of the nation. In the year 2015, Archidply promoted the primary as well as secondary infrastructure in Village Chilamu, Nainbagh, Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand, India.
  • Following are the details of the total sum of Rs 10 Lakhs Archidply spent on the infrastructure and development of the underprivileged schools in previously mentioned areas of Uttarakhand.
    Amount outlay (Budget) project or programme wise (Rs. Lakhs) 10.00
    Amount spent on the project or programme (Rs. Lakhs) 10.00
    Cumulative expenditure up to reporting period (Rs. Lakhs) 10.00
    Amount spent: Direct or through implementing agency* (Rs. Lakhs) 10.00
  • Total Amount Spent: 10 Lakhs INR
  • Unspent Amount: NIL

In Association with Maheshwari Vikas Parishad (Financial Year 2016)

  • Maheshwari Vikas Parishad is a social organization created by the blended efforts of the Maheshwari community located in Kolkata. While the organization strives to work on different stratas of society, Archidply contributed majorly to the development of school infrastructure in Kolkata & Chintamani in 2016. The schools which earlier could not afford the better resources to create healthy and clean surroundings, are now well-equipped with all necessities with Archidply’s financial aid.
  • The budget of 11,98,870 Lakhs was decided and successfully utilized for the overall development of schools in Kolkata and Chintamani.
    Amount outlay (Budget) project (Rs. Lakhs) 11,98,870
    Amount spent on the project or programme (Rs. Lakhs) 11,98,870
    Cumulative expenditure up to reporting period (Rs. Lakhs) 11,98,870
    Amount spent: Direct (Rs. Lakhs) 98,870
  • Total Amount Spent: 11,98,870 INR
  • Unspent Amount: NIL

Direct Contribution to School Infrastructure & Development in Chintamani (Financial Year 2017)

  • Many villages in and around Chintamani, Karnataka didn’t have properly developed schools. Archidply financially assisted the school authorities to improve their infrastructure. A total amount of Rs.67,725 has been spent throughout for the development and renovation process.
  • The school authorities have spent the budget to make a studious and cultured atmosphere available to the children. Following conditions in the schools were improvised with Archidply’s assistance.
    • Sanitation & Cleanliness
    • 24×7 Electricity Availability
    • Good Quality Desks & Boards in Classrooms
    • Well-furnished Libraries
  • Total Amount Spent: Rs.67,725
  • Unspent Amount: Rs. 11,69,155
  • In the year 2018, Archidply is looking forward to strategize the ways and activities to uplift the underprivileged schools and institutes in other parts of India.