Modern Trends in Laminates for Your Home Décor

November 6, 2019
Laminates are essentially processed timber available in layered sheets bound together by strong adhesives. They enhance the beauty and durability of any surface, adding value to the design. Laminates are popularly used on wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, desk tops, shutters, partitions, lockers, restroom doors etc. These were initially used to protect the wooden core of furniture and to give them a highly polished, smooth surface. The availability of many different types of laminates has now ushered in a new era of interior designing.
Textured laminates FTW
The latest innovation in the world of laminates is the introduction of natural textures. The Monarchlam, for example, is available in various textures and designs such as wood grains, fabric, metal etc. These are tailor-made to suit the varied needs of home and office owners. Now you can have all the advantages of laminates and at the same time also have your walls and furniture feel like brick, shale, marble, or sandstone. Textured laminates make for a classy and elegant addition to your interiors indeed.
More colours, more vibrance
Coloured laminates have been around for some time now. The latest trend takes this use of colours a few notches up. Digital designs and pretty patterns in durable laminate is the new ‘in thing’. This means that you can use decorative laminates to fashion out wall panels, partitions, screens, even table tops, doors, and cabinets to add a fresh new touch to your home.
Innovations and more
Gone are the days when real wood was your only choice. Wooden laminates give real feel of nature and look. Alongwith looking like real wood, they are long lasting and easy to maintain. Given the varied needs of home and office owners, Archidply has also introduced innovative choices such as chalkboard laminate and marker laminate which can be used in school classrooms, board rooms, training institutions, and even kid’s bedrooms. Let them have some doodling fun! They can even be put in kitchens to write menus etc. More and more innovative laminate products are now available providing buyers ample choices to suit their needs. Antibacterial laminates, for example, are perfect for hospitals, clinics, and medical centres.
Features and functionality
Home and office owners are always looking for better functionality to complement the superior aesthetics of laminates. Archidlam Fire Retardant Laminates adds just the security features that are needed in auditoriums theatres, offices, homes, and business institutions. These laminates offer high resistance to flames and minimise smoke emission. A special grade of phenolic resin is added to these laminate sheets that contain fire retardant chemicals making your environment as safe as it is beautiful.
A touch of magic
Archidply’s sandwich compact laminates are the new technological breakthrough that everyone is talking about. These laminates come with multiple cover linings over the edges. This means they can be customised to add colour linings that can match the rest of the decor in your rooms – just the right touch of magic you were looking for to make your interiors the talk of the town.

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