Modern Decor Ideas To Revamp The Workplace

December 17, 2019
Redoing your office to include a colourful, smart, and free flowing workspace can greatly impact the creativity and productivity of your workforce. Archidply is certainly one of the best laminate brands in India and we bring to you 6 ways to use our laminates to transform and revamp your workplace.
Add a smart reception area
The reception area of every office is the first and the most important place where you receive clients, guests, and stakeholders. Doing up this area in a lounge style with anti finger print laminate will help give your office a great facelift while keeping the decor scratch and smear resistant. Anti Fingerprint laminate from Archidply will reduce the need for repeated cleaning and interference and can also be a great choice for board rooms.
Add a creative corner
One of the best ways to get the creative juices flowing is to install a creative corner, a section where every employee can put up his or her original contribution and can be built upon by others in the team. The Archidlam Chalk Board or the Archidlam Marker Laminate is the perfect choice for such a board.These laminates allow for the use of chalk and marker pens. This could be the perfect place to hold townhall-style meetings as well.
Use more prints
One of the greatest dampeners in most offices is the use of dull greys and monochromes. A vibrant workplace needs inspiring designs and aesthetics that will keep the vibe positive. Archidply’s digital decorative laminates come in a multitude of prints, colours, and designs. Use them for cubicle partitions, as counter tops, as door laminates, and as accent wall and see the difference. From floral to geometric prints, there are a number of options to choose from.
Out of the box shapes
There is a reason why we speak of the innovative thought process as “thinking outside the box”. Straight lines and box shapes do not appeal to employees and clients. They create a conformist mentality and restrict initiative. The use of the highly resistant, aesthetically brilliant but malleable and flexible Archidlam Postforming Laminate can solve this. Use of this laminate creates the seamless curved angles and edges allowing you to come up with eclectic furniture and uniquely shaped counters.
Add a relaxation room
Taking a break from the stress of daily activities and indulging in a library or listening to music for just a few minutes is proven to boost productivity. Add a library or a games room done up with the ArchidlamUnicore Laminate for the perfectly relaxing space.
Upgrade safety features
One of the most important aspects of revamping the workspace is upgrading the safety and security features of the office. The use of fire-retardant laminates from Archidply are perfect for a very safe environment. It is made up of special resin and delays temperature rise offering high resistance to flame propagation while minimising smoke emissions at the same time.

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