Archidply offered hybrid board is heavy-duty in nature and has even seeming finishing. This hybrid board is designed from the great quality of material & contemporary techniques in compliance with the standards of market. Archidply Hybrid board is obtainable in customized options as per the variegated needs of customers.
Eco-friendly like wood Lasts for life
Archidply WPC is a new type of Eco – friendly material; it is outstanding for its natural wood effect and non-fading quality. A mix of wood flour and Thermoplast, this means the warmth and look of solid wood combined with the properties of Thermoplast.

Standard Size

  • Thickness (MM)

    6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 25, 30

  • Sizes (FT)

    2440 X 1220 (mm)

  • Range

    Frosty White

Technical Specs


Properties Archidply WPC Plywood MDF Board Particle Board
Termite & Pest Control
No shrinking or No Swelling
Fire Retardant
Borer Proof
Light Weight
Splinter Free
Maintenance Free
Environment Friendly
Smooth Surface Much more Smoother Less Smoother Less Smoother Less Smoother
Outdoor Adaptability
Gluing & Lamination
Weather & Ageing Resistant
High Screw & Nail Holding Capacity
Sawing & Cutting
Use Traditional Tools


Properties Test Unit Value
Density DIN 5347 g/cc 0.40 – 0.70
Hardness DIN 53505 Shore ‘D ≥48
Water Absorption DIN 53495 % ≤10
Tensile Strength DIN 53455 Mpa ≥15
Elongation at Break DIN 53455 % ≥15
Izod Impact Strength ASTM D258 KJ/M ≥9.0
Dielectric Strength DIN 53481 KV/cm ≥9.0
Vicat Softening Temperature DIN 53460 °C ≥85
Coefficient of Linear Expansion DIN 53753 mm/m°c 0.08
Thermal Conductivity DIN 52616 W/mk 0.5 – 0.07