Wooden door manufacturers, flush Door
The exterior of the building is the first thing that your friends or relatives will notice when visiting your home and therefore it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. There is no denying that the entrance can either make or break the reputation of the homeowner. It is important that attention be paid to doors as these can significantly enhance the beauty of the home. However, they also need to be durable and functional at the same time. Today homebuyers can choose from a variety of doors sold by wooden door manufacturers. Among these are flush doors.
Archidply is one of the leading plywood companies in India and has been striving to provide its customers products that help them in raising their standards of living. Archidply flush doors are manufactured from perfectly seasoned & chemically treated solid wood construction with stiles and rails. Use of Double layered core veneer ensures smooth surface finish for decorative application.
Apart from their aesthetic appeal, Archidply flush doors also have many other benefits that make them a must have for every home. They are robust and resistant to extreme weather conditions and provide the homeowners protection against irritants like noise, heat and dust. Unlike the ordinary doors, Archidply flush doors are not affected by borers and fungus. Some of the structures where Archidply flush doors can be used include high-rise apartments, bungalows, villas, hotels, hospitals, offices and factories. Archidply flush doors would surely enhance the look of your interiors.

Standard Size

  • Thickness (MM)

    25, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40

  • Sizes (FT)

    8×4, 8×3, 7×4, 7×3, 6×4, 6×3

Technical Specs