Using Digital Laminates to Amp Up Your Space

Planning home décor in urban India is always a tedious task. It requires careful considerations in terms of various aspects to match the style preferences and taste of the family members. Incorporation of trends that match the family’s lifestyle often gets overlooked. This is mostly due to busy schedules and the limited time available to people for home décor. The modern trend is all about sustainable living and creating beautiful spaces that are cost-effective. 

Digital laminates are one such cost-effective home décor solution that most of the people employ to complement their lifestyles. Also known as sunmica, laminates assist in creating attractive surfaces that are wear and tear-resistant. Such surfaces retain their charm for years and are easy to maintain. Residential and commercial space can easily be made to attain the desired functionality and aesthetics using digital laminates. Below-mentioned are some of the ways digital laminates can be utilized to transform the look, feel and utility of any space:

Why Decorative Laminates:

From colorful artwork to beautiful printing patterns, digital laminates are available in a variety of designs and prints to complement every style and taste. These prints make them stand apart from the ordinary laminates. Furthermore, bold graphics and patterns make for solid style statement and help personalize the space. These laminates are simple, easy and reliable modes of artistic expression.

Multiple Applications:

Although furniture items make the best use of digital laminates, there are multiple areas that can be adorned using the material such as spas, showrooms, drawing rooms, retail spaces, restaurants & cafes, etc. They set the room for an appealing backdrop, perfectly enhancing the aesthetics of a space. They can be used to customize and decorate a space suiting your requirements.

For spas, showrooms and other areas where attention-grabbing prints work well, the ‘Viola ‘’Droom’ and ‘Roses’ range by Archidply comprising of stunning flower print work really well. Then there’s ‘Autumn’ and ‘Verdure’ range for those for whom nature is an inspiration. All of these beautiful prints are easy on the eyes and can even be used in restaurants and cafes.

Since digital laminates are being excessively used in designing interiors and décor, you can play around with these add-ons for a dramatic effect at your workspace, cafes, restaurants, or houses. If you are looking forward to fulfilling your creative and artistic instincts using digital laminates, Archidply has you covered. Crafted using the latest technology, digital laminates for wardrobes, walls, and vertical surfaces by Archidply can add the required flare to your home’s interiors. They come with superior elegance and print quality to help you with a classy look for both commercial spaces and personal residences.

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