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Benefits of Using High-Gloss Laminates

When it comes to choosing the right surface material, we often find ourselves stuck in a myriad of options…

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Laminated Plywood: A Complete Overview

A lot of time, cost and effort that goes into manually gluing laminates over plywood can be prevented by using…

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Using Digital Laminates to Amp Up Your Space

Planning home décor in urban India is always a tedious task. It requires careful considerations in terms of various aspects…

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Woodgrain, Stone and Matte: Check out these Modern Laminate Looks

Modern laminates are empowering buyers to experiment with a range of new options, designs and looks. These laminates are…

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Importance of Anti-Bacterial Laminate

Consumers across the country are buying innovative laminate options, giving their spaces aesthetic and functional enhancements….

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Modern Trends in Laminates for Your Home Décor

Laminates are essentially processed timber available in layered sheets bound together by strong adhesives…

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