Archidply Unique

1. State of the Art Technology

  • Spindless peeling machine for timber which enables accurate thickness of core veneer
  • Pre-press technology which ensures strong bonding of core veneer with the resins.
  • Taiwanese autocomposed core machine enables to reduced core veneer gaps in the plywood and eliminates manual-assembling.
  • Automatic handling system increases productivity and reduces labour.

2. Healthy Breathing Technology
The Archidply group has invested heavily in Research and Development activities. This has resulted in bringing to the market the first eco-friendly panel products. Archidply products are specially treated to reduce levels of this dangerous chemical, making your home and office safe for you to live in.
Your furniture at home could be poisoning you. The panel with which it is made emits dangerous gases and chemicals that are hazardous to health. Regulatory bodies in Europe & Japan have laid rules prohibiting the emission of formaldehyde beyond the permissible limit of Euro-1 Standard. Presently India has no such regulation in place, but will surely change in the near future. Formaldehyde is used to develop polymers that are important for bond formation of wood fibers in the making of plywood and other related products. But formaldehyde leaves behind traces of dangerous emissions, which make their way into homes, offices and other places, making it hazardous for health.

3. Certification
“Quality” has always been the defining factor behind our immaculate success. We lay special emphasis over the quality that we produce. The quality procedure starts right from the procurement of raw material, as we buy it only from renowned and reliable suppliers. Our quality assurance personnels test every product at each level of production. It’s only after the final assessment that we select the best of the products and further those to our clients.

4. Termite & Borer Free
The usage of special chemicals eliminates the development of termite & borer on the product.

5. Pan India Marketing for Services
We have 27 Branch Offices and 2000 Retailers and 7 warehouses to give service to our customers.

6. One stop solution:
Ply, Blockboard, Doors & Densified.