Exquisite craftsmanship meets the beauty of fine wood to lend strength, charm and sheer elegance to every interior that carries the seal of Archidply “PLATINUM PRIME”. This is a magnificent addition to the stylish and enduring Archidply collection of Plywood. Archidply “PLATINUM PRIME” is what architects, interior designers and ship and boat manufacturers highly recommend to customers.
1. Water proof 710 plywood Grade
2. Life Time Guarantee 
3. Higher thickness Gurjan Face veneer 
4. Fungus-resistant
5. Termite Proof due to the use of strongly bonded phenolic resins 
6. Latest technology of Auto Composed Core (ACC) zero gap plywood for longer durability

7.Borer Proof

Standard Thickness (MM): 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19

 Standard Sizes (FT): 8x4, 8x3, 7x4, 7x3, 6x4, 6x3

Applications : Premium residence furniture, Premium offices furniture, Premium hotel furniture