Conforms to IS: 710

Archidply presents Marine Plywood with toxin check technology, India's first eco-friendly plywood, which is specially treated to reduce levels of dangerous chemical emissions, making your home and office safer for you to live in. Archidply Marine Plywood is made from 100% hardwood timber, which has a high degree of strength and rigidity. Archidply Marine Plywood is bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin and processed through high temperature and pressure to keep the bonding intact even with 72 hours of boiling. The manufactured BWP quality plywood is given chemical treatment in a vacuum pressure impregnation process. The result is a boiling-waterproof plywood that is highly resistant to attacks from fungi, termites and other insects including marine borer.

  • Microbial decay resistance pressure treatment
  • Unextended undiluted glue
  • Thicker face
  • No layer of veneer is double than the thickness of the thinnest veneer as per IS specification to impart more strength and to ensure there is no warping.

Standard Thickness (MM): 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19

 Standard Sizes (FT): 8x4, 8x3, 7x4, 7x3, 6x4, 6x3

Applications : Archidply Marine Plywood is widely used in the ship-building industry for making lifeboats and other river rafts. It is also used for making premium furniture, kitchen cabinets, shelves and shutters.