Archidply Fire Retardant Plywood meets IS 5509-2000 standards offering resistance to ignition, surface spread of flames and flames penetration by suitable chemical treatment. Fire retardant characteristics are a very important property to prevent propagation of fire at the initial stages. Flame penetration: The time taken for flame penetration shall not be less then 15 minutes for every 6mm thickness. Rate of burning: The time taken to lose weight from 30 percent shall not be less then 20 minutes. Flammability: The time taken for second ignition shall not be less then 30 minutes.

  • The protective char is non-hygroscopic in nature. It will not affect the hardware elements that may corrode due to moisture affinity of common chemicals.
  • The chemical is non-leachable hence there is no loss of the retardant chemicals in very adverse conditions. Does not affect painting or overlaying.
  • No significant effect on the strength properties (adhesive bonding) compared to norml grade (BWR, BWP) plywood
  • Its slow rate of burning provides sufficient time for the fire to be extinguished.
  • Unlike common ply, Archidply Firesafe ply creates a barrier against fire, due to its slower fire penetrating rate.
  • Nail and srew holding property is not affected.
  • Tensile and bending strength remain unaffected, as the chemical does not react with wood.

Standard Thickness (MM): 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19

 Standard Sizes (FT): 8x3, 7x4, 7x3, 6x4, 6x3

Applications : Ship-building, Railway Coaches, Vehicle Bodies, in Boiler House, Kitchen, Inner Roof Wall Linings, Partitions, Multiplexes and in Exhibition Stalls.