Archidlam Unicore Compact Laminate is the amalgamation of multi-layered decorative papers and high performance. Each layer of colour is beautifully inspired to give you seamless beauty in every hue. Also available in Black & White. These can be applied to both horizontal and vertical applications where the surface should be functional, durable and also decorative. They offer greater dimensional stability and flatness and are resistant to water, abrasion and fire.

  • Spectacular colours
  • Mould Resistant
  • Excellent Self Supporting properties
  • Long term stability
  • Non-toxic and resistant to chemicals

Standard Thickness (MM): 1.6, 3 | Standard Sizes (MM): 1220 X 2440 Other Sizes (MM): 1300 X 3050

Applications : Lockers, School Furniture, Lab Furniture, Restroom Cubicles, Kid’s Furniture, Partitions, Worktops