Archidlam High Pressure Laminates are manufactured using modifed phenol formaldehyde resin with a special molecular ratio to impart strong bonding in the Laminates. The use of the state of the art High Pressure Laminate Press gives the product increased dimensional stability. In addition our Swiss make sanding machine ensures uniformity and a well sanded surface for better adherence of the adhesive and more effcient use of glue. 

  • Boiling water resistant
  • Scratch and Stains resistant
  • Aesthetic appeal

Standard Thickness (MM): 0.8, 1, 1.5

 Standard Sizes (MM): 1220 X 2440

Other Sizes (MM): 1235 X 2455, 1244 X 2464, 1300 x 3050

Applications : Office Furniture, Home Furniture, Check-Out Desks, Column Claddings, Doors, Wall Panelling, Storage units, Vanity Units.