Décor paper used in anti finger print laminate is coated with a transparent acrylic resin which is electron beam cured.(EBC) This gives the laminate a superior surface which makes it anti finger print, scratch resistant, smug and smear free. 

  • Anti finger print
  • Thermal healing of existing micro scratches
  • Dust free and maintenance free
  • Mould resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Matt surface with zero light reflection

General laminates develop stains, scratches, smears during usage. The anti-finger print laminate is able to sustain all these marks and is dust and maintenance free. It is a matt finish laminate and when exposed to light does not reflect it. It makes the surface lustrous and prestine. In effect it always looks new. It has anti static and anti bacterial properties. It is mould resistant. It can be used for conference tables, dining tables and children's desks.

Standard Thickness (MM): 1

 Standard Sizes (MM): 1220 X 2440

Applications : Places with heavy footfall like malls, commercial buildings, healthcare, education institution, hotels, retail showrooms.