Veneered Particle Board

Commercial Face veneer or Decorative Teak Veneer is machine bonded on plain particle board. The particle board used as the base is manufactured by 'Graded Construction Technology' in which there is a gradual merging of the density gradient between the surface and the core. Teak veneer or commercial face veneer is hotpressed under controlled temperature and pressure resulting in the formation of Teak Veneered or Commercial Face Veneered particle boards, with reduced mechanical stress, warpage and zero deformation. This ensures a superior aesthetic appeal to the decorative veneered surface. The above is manufactured under strict quality standards as prescribed in the ISI framework.


Display Panels, Partitioning, Furniure, Decorative Structure, Heavy Duty Racks, Panel Door Inserts.
Std.Thickness (mm): 
6, 9, 12, 18, 25

Standard Sizes (ft):
8x3, 6x4, 6x3. 6x2.5 Combination Size(ft):(8x4 & 8x2)




Technical Specifcations

PropertyUnitISI Specifications IS : 3097 – 1980 (EXT)Tested Results
Internal Bond                    N/mm20.450.300.700.60
Water AbsorptionPercent    
2hrs 25251518
20 hrs                     50502529
Thickness Swelling                         
2 hrs Soaking                    Percent    
Thickness                     7745
Mobulus of rupture                    Kg/cm2300300320320
Moisture Content                    Percent7-167-1688
3 hours boiling water Resistance                     Should not disintegrated                    Withstands