Our Corporate Social Responsibility goals involve doing our bit to save the environment from Global Warming. We believe in using renewable wood supply to manufacture our products. We use plantation timbers like Eucalyptus, Poplar and Silver Oak to process them into panel products like Plywood, Block Board, Flushdoor and Particle Board.


  • Planted trees are cut in short repeating cycles
  • The wood obtained from the trees is converted to veneers or chips
  • The veneers and chips are processed into panels like Plywood, Block Board, Particle Boards and Fiber Boards
  • Residual wood materials available during manufacture are also used in board processing. Even the broken parts of furniture can be re-processed into a new board
  • Within 5-8 years the trees re-grow to their full dimensions
  • The same piece of land can be planted repeatedly in such short cycles
  • The trees so grown repeatedly contribute to sustained maintenance of ecological balance and sequestration of carbon in and around the plantations