Plain Particle Board

Industrial waste and lumbar are utilized to produce Archidply Plain-Particle Board. A modern German procedure called Wind-Sifting, coupled by the use of only eucalyptus timber, has given our product a high degree of homogeneity, structural strength and resistance to all kinds of wood destroying parasites. Selected chips, segregated by Italian Pessa Refiner, are of precise dimensions and are compressed under a controlled temperature and pressure to retain the balance of the board; resulting in superb dimensional stability and superior machinability.

Heavy Duty Racks, Cavity Flooring in Computer Rooms.
Std. Thickness (mm): 
9, 12, 18, 25

Standard Sizes (ft):
8x3, 6x4, 6x3, 6x2.5 Combination Size(ft) (8x4 & 8x2)



Technical Specifcations

PropertyUnitISI Specifications Conforms to : 12823 – 1990 (EXT)Tested Results
Water Absorption c+\- 10%+\-10%=\-5 
2 hrs 1575
24 hrs 301515
Thickness Swelling    
2 hrs SoakingPercent   
Thickness 854
Length 0.450.450.40
Width 0.450.450.40
Modulus of ruptureN/mm2111517
Tensile strength    
Perpendicular to SurfaceN/mm20.30.450.50
Screw Withdrawal    
Number of Abrasion-450450900
Resistance to SteamConformsConformsConformsConforms
Resistance to CrackConformsConformsConformsConforms
Resistance to StainConformsConformsConformsConforms
Resistance to Cigarette BurnConformsConformsConformsConforms