USEFUL TIPS FOR HANDLING, STORAGE, MAINTENANCE & CARE | Plywood |Veneer Wood | Laminates in India

1) Storage & Handling:
Store laminate sheets horizontally by turning top sheet face down and caul board placed on top to protect the material
from possible damage and reduce the chance of warpage. Protect the sheets from the moisture and never store in contact
with the floor or wall. Always lift sheets from one point to another, never slide sheets on the decorative surface. 
2) Care & Protection:
a) Harsh Chemicals:
Oven or toilet/drain cleaner may etch and discolor the laminate surface. In case of spillage of these chemicals,
remove immediately, rinse and wipe dry.
b) Hot Object:
Though laminate have high heat resistance, do not place hot pans or dishes directly from oven or cook top on the laminate surface.
Use a trivet or insulated pad to protect the surface from the heat generating appliances.
c) Sharp Object:
Never use knives or other sharp object on the decorative surface. Use a chipping block or counter saver to protect the laminate surface.
d) Impact:
Do not drop heavy object or hammer on the laminate surface. Though it has excellent impact resistance, chipping or cracking may occur.
3) Prolong its Original Appearance:
Laminate sheets require minimal maintenance. Just follow these simple tips to maintain luminous shine and attractive appearance.
a) To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent.
b) Difficult stains such as coffee and tea can be removed using a mild house hold cleaner or detergent.
c) If the stain persists use the paste of baking soda and water and apply with soft bristled brush. Remember not to do excessive scrubbing
or exert too much force which may lead to damage of surface particularly if it is a gloss finish.